Honda Dr H Diagnostic kits

This is the kit your Honda dealer uses  
Honda P/N 06395-YH0-000AH
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The easy-to-use diagnostic tool – affectionately named ‘Dr H’ – is a first for Honda’s marine division. The slimline unit plugs directly into the outboard engine and is used in conjunction with a laptop or desktop computer to provide detailed engine reports.  

Full function Honda dealer diagnostics kit! 
Includes latest 2018 Honda software 

  Dr H gives a full history of the operating time including number of starts, max RPM hours of operation split between partial use and total time and details of any warnings that might have been triggered during operation, such as over revving, oil pressure, fuel flow, overheating etc.
please click HERE for youtube video of Dr H operation
scroll through to 6:00 for demo of Dr H

Click HERE for Dr H User manual download
            'Dr H also has the ability to accurately assess engine usage, look for previous alert conditions such as over temperature or low oil pressure, and allows technicians to print full-service reports for owners – which also provides exceptional piece-of-mind for customers who are considering purchasing a used outboard.'

DTC -      This is the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble code) mode contained in the ECU.
All DTC History -    Displays data when the DTC contained in the ECU appears.
Data list -     Displays sensor, actuator, ECU internal data in real time.
Graph mode -     A function for making line graphs.
Snapshot -     Possible to record the existent values for items on the data list.
Simple diagnosis -   A mode that enables a simple diagnosis
Function test -     Automatically runs each device to enable its condition to be tested.

Honda Dr H has English , French , German , Italian , Japanese , spanish options
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All Outboard inc 2018 Models
       250A  BF225 , BF225A, BF225AK3
 BF200 , BF200A, BF200AK3
 BF175 , BF175A , BF175AK3
 BF150 , BF150A4 BF150AKO
    BF135 ,BF135A4 BF135AKO
    BF130  BF115 , BF115D
BF100A  BF90D , BF90DK4
BF80A     BF75D , BF75DK3
 BF60A , BFP60A  BF50D  BF40D

HHS1380i , HHS1332i , HMS1336K1 , HSM1590i , HSM1390iHSM1336i , HSM1180i , HS1336i