Evinrude Diagnostic 6 Software and Hardware

A new version of diagnostic system V6 is needed for use with the new E-TEC G2 series engines , no longer is the engine considered a stand alone unit , the whole engine and fly by wire control system is integrated into a network operating in the industry standard CAN protocol.
In the new E-TEC G2 engines, the combined engine/control system communicates via an MPI-2/3 interface, this has been used by BRP for a number of years now on the Skidoo/Seadoo/Canam range of vehicles operating with the BUDS series software and it was logical for BRP to adopt this tried and tested unit for the new E-TEC G2 series engines


Click HERE for Video on V6 diagnostics operation


The MPI-2/3 CAN interface must be connected to the boat's CAN network , the following is required to make up a working Evinrude V6 diagnostics system

1 - new Evinrude Diagnostics V6, and license key needed to unlock this software
2 - new hardware MPI-2/3 USB to CAN interface
3 - new cable to interconnect the MPI-2/3 to the boat network.


The Evinrude Diagnostic 6 software has a slightly different appearance and organization of the various functions than earlier versions.


The first very significant difference is the ability of the software, via the CAN bus interface, to be connected to any one of several
engines that may be on the boat network.