Aftermarket systems!!

I have sold HUNDREDS of BUDS kits over the last 10 years to workshops who have purchased Inferior aftermarket kits only to discover IT WONT do all the jobs or dosent have all the features they need to complete a professional dealer level repair on a BRP product!!!!!! We can beat any aftermarket system on both features & PRICE , just ask us for details!!

We get so many enquiries about the inferior aftermarket kits that are available and comparing them to the genuine BUDS diagnostics system!!

All I can do is promise you guys this......

With the complexity of these new vehicles , the hysterical lengths BRP go over releasing updates for ECUs/Clusters/IBR/IS and every other system you can think of there is NO WAY ANY aftermarket system can keep up with this.

To activate new import craft from the crate , update ECU, replace instrument clusters and provide a printable 6-8 page highly detailed report for your customers the BUDS diagnostic system is the ONLY option available!!!.

If you are an independant shop looking to compete on an even level with your rival BRP dealer YOU MUST have equipment of the same level - or BETTER!! - see megatech licence key!

Can-Doo Pro

the CanDoo system is promoted widely on PWC Forums , NOT because its the best but because the Forum makes money from selling these kits!! , Internet Forums ARE NOT open independant sources of information , they are there to sell you stuff , for gods sake wake up guys!!!


The Candoo with a licence for 4 PWC is $500 or so - still more expensive that our base BUDS kit!! , if you then go to the "unlimited' use dealer kit it is something like $1750 , these guys must be crazy!!!!

PLEASE TELL ME why you would get this system , when i can offer the GENUINE Full dealer spec BUDS & BUDS2 system for late Seadoo starting from $395!!!!!

2-Features & Functions

there is NO WAY they can keep up with the genuine BRP system!! , if you want to offer your customers the ability to work on Brand new 2019+ model skis , update Clusters & ECU, print out a detailed multi page report and keep right upto date with your rival BRP dealer then having the genuine BUDS system is the only way to go!!!

NO having to wait months or even years for updates to work on new models - we usually have the latest BUDS + BUDS2 programs availabe within 1 WEEK of then being released by BRP!!!

Please check out the BUDS screen shots below taken from a 2011 year Seadoo IBR , these updates are ESSENTIAL on all late model PWC , if you buy and aftermarket diagnostic kit HOW THE HELL are you going to carry out these essential updates for your customers??? , you CANT and you customer will have to go back to the BRP dealer - and you risk loosing your customer!!! BE SMART and buy the best system avaialble for your business!!

While you are at it ask the candoo boys how they go about activating a RIVA Racing ECU!!! , seems only genuine BUDS system will do this!!

Just be aware , no matter how good these candoo guys think they are with updates and software for new models i can promise you - some way , some day you will have to work on a brand new ski or Bike in your workshop and the only thing that will do the job is Genuine BUDS kit

Scan Sea

these guys started with their first kit back in 2008 , back then we did not have much of an option , this was the ONLY thing available!!! , how the hell they are still in business baffles me!!!

I paid nealy $4000 for my Scan Sea unit - man was i ripped off!!!!!!
the unit came with NO install instruction and i was left in the dark with the
the main parts of the install , the software is protected buy a password and after about half a dozen expensive international phone calls trying to get the installation bugs out of this early system and trying to get an access key that actually worked the Spanish Bastard ended up putting the phone down on me when i complained!!!!! , said he was busy and i would have to call back!!!!!

Then the fun really started!!!! , even after the system got the access key it would still not work!! , after a further 2-3 weeks i FINALLY got the thing to work , but it took a lot of heated emails to get any help at all.
The final iceing on the cake was that i later found out that he was supplying software updates to other buyers of scan sea units while at the same time telling me there were no updates available just yet......... - when confronted with this he called me a 'stupid man' and would have nothing more to do with me!!!
ALL this my friends is 100% true , i finally ended up selling my system when i got BUDS to some poor SOB for $2000 and he thought he was getting a good deal.

Just before i sold my unit i decided to open up and take a look inside.......
check out the pictures in the gallery below , i recon there must be all of $25 worth of Radio Shack parts in there!!!! , and to think i paid 4 Grand for this pile of crap!!
and yes ,the main connector IS held in place buy a piece of pink foam!!!!!!

Scan Smart

here we go again!!!! , this guy has got this system on a youtube video and he wants $995 for it!!!!!! , OK girls & boys , just take a look at the 2 pictures-
do these 2 units look similar!!! , one is the Thousand buck scan smart unit and the other is a $25 generic made in China universal interface!!
our spanish friend is buying the $25 unit , putting the sticker on it and calling it "Scan smart" !!!!
only smart thing to do here is not get ripped of buy these guys.........