Megatech opens up many features not available to the ordinary dealer!! , changing VIN numbers , disabling DESS theft systems and advanced diagnostics are just some of the things megatech opens that BRP don't want the ordinary dealer messing with!! Megatech will enable the Sport 90Hp mode on the seadoo spark and also allow timing curve and rev limiter changes on some 2 stroke models.


Megatech licence key also allows you to work on any BRP product , Seadoo , Skidoo , CanAm ATV , SSV/Commander & Spyder are all covered with one key , all with the advanced megatech features.

Megatech is NOT extra software or BUDS programs but is simply a licence key that opens up your existing BUDS software to a better level , yes Megatech features are all in your standard software , you just need megatech key to access them!!

We can supply megatech licence keys for any MPI-2 or MPI-3 including the systems we supply or to existing BRP MPI-2 units , we can even supply EX Dealers who still have there equipment and are no longer supported buy BRP!!

Sorry but Megatech WILL NOT change fuel or timing maps on 4 tec/4 stroke applications , for this type of modification you have to enter the world of ECU reflashing.

Megatech Key Features:

  1. Changing the VIN, MODEL 
  2. Advanced settings 
  3. View History in hours, rather than percentage 
  4. Enabling / Disabling DESS 
  5. Change the key type 
  6. Clearing history block ECM, MPEM 
  7. Cleaning unit ECM, MPEM, CLUSTER "as new" 
  8. View more information blocks 
  9. Installing Secure Code 
  10. Edit Timing curves for 2-Stroke vehicles

NOTE these are just examples and each model & year will vary with the features available with megatech!!! 

Please see some of the screen shots below as an example of the advanced pages and extra features Megatech opens up , some interesting points to note are:

Image 2 - Click to power up rental skis!!!
Image 4 - Simple adjustment of run hours!!!
Image 6 - Simple Power adjustment for different countries!!